When I get the opportunity to lay my hands on a perfect naturally tanned leather and feel the waxy surface under my fingers, pressing my nose against it and feel the magical scent, something happens inside. It is difficult to describe the feeling but it raises an immediate desire to create something. It’s almost like a good leather talking to me and asking to be shaped into something beautiful and useful. Each hide has its own unique personality and I get a lot of inspiration for my work just by standing in the tannery and choose from the different hides.

Creativity is a thread through my life and the last 30 years I have spent in the creative media industries.
Winter 2014-2015, I bought a 70 year old Singer industrial sewing machine and sewed some bags in canvas and leather, just to see if i could. Bags in all its forms is a lifelong passion and the thought of making the perfect bag was very attractive. The results exceeded expectations and a new passion and hobby was born.

To determine the design based on some basic principles, selecting and picking out the best materials, combining colors, textures and allow materials contrasts together for a beautiful ensemble is a very appealing creative process. There is a natural concinnity in washed cotton canvas, leather, copper, nickel and brass. The material itself is beautiful and to process them by hand into a stylish and functional product gives me a kick that is almost addictive.
To create is a success in itself.
But imagine the extent of satisfaction when someone else also love what I have made and carries one of my creations, close to the body, every day!
Love, leather and simple engineering. That’s life.

Melker Forssén
Stockholm 2016/01/28